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An illustration of a nurse bandaging a wounded soldier, 1915

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Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
  • Topic:

  • Creator:

    Sergey Solomko (1867–1928)
  • Publisher:

    Lapina Publishing, Paris
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    [Stamp area] Union Syndicale de maîtres imprimeurs de France
    Guerre Européenne de 1914-1916. Edition Patriotique.
    I. Lapina, Imp. Edit. – 75, rue Denfer-Rochereau, 77, Paris

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    [Stamp area] Syndicale Union master printers of France
    European War of 1914-1916. Patriotic Edition
    I. Lapina, Printer and Editor-Denfer-Rochereau Street no. 75, 77, Paris