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An illustration of a Russian nurse keeping a wounded soldier company, ca. 1916

National Library of Medicine

A White female nurse in brown, standing behind a seated White man looking out a window at a town.
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    Христось Воскресе!
    [Illegible signature]
    "Наши страдонія потонутъ въ Милосердіи, которое наполнитъ собою весь міръ, и наша жизнь станетъ михою, ныжною, сладкою какъ ласка"... (А. П. Чеховъ).

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    Christ is Risen!
    [Illegible signature]
    "All our sufferings will drown in mercy. Which will itself fill the whole world, and our life will become quiet, and gentle, sweet like a caress" (A. P. Chekhov)