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A promotional postcard for the Red Cross training hospital in Algiers which had 80 nursing students and saw over 100,000 patients a year, ca. 1954

National Library of Medicine

A White female nurse and a Berber-Arab female nurse, stand in front of a hospital.
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    اننا اخوة أجمعون Tous Frères اننا اخوة أجمعون
    [Postmark] Algérie Croix-Rouge Française Alger 30 54 Premier Jour
    [Signature] Andre-Spitz
    [Trademark] F R
    Postes Algerie Postes
    Tous droits de reproduction réservés
    Éditée par la Croix-Rouge Française en Algérie Dispensaire-École, Boulevard de Verdun (Alger)

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    [from Arabic] We are all brothers [from French] All Brothers
    [Postmark] French Red Cross Algeria Algiers 30 54 First Day
    12 cents +3 cents
    [Signature] Andre-Spitz
    [Trademark] F R
    Algerian Post
    All rights reserved
    Published by the French Red-Cross in Algeria Dispensary School, Boulevard of Verdun (Algiers)