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A reproduction of movie poster for Carry on Nurse (1959) featuring a nurse as sexy, romantic love interest, 1998

National Library of Medicine

White female nurse in yellow and white runs away from five White male patients,
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    "Carry on Nurse" "U"
    From the same stars and team that gave you the sensational comedy success "Carry on Sergeant"
    Nat Comen & Stuart Levy present a Peter Rogers Production Shirley Eaton, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Terence Longdon, Bill Owen, Leslie Phillips, Joan Sims, Susan Stephen, Kenneth Williams and Guest Star Wilfrid Hyde White
    With Susan Breaumont, Norman Rossington, Jill Ireland, Joan Hickson, Ann Firbank, Irene Handl, Susan Shaw, and Guest Appearance of Michael Medwin Produced by Peter Rogers, Directed by Gerald Thomas, Screenplay by Norman Hudis
    Distributed by Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd.
    Display Productions LTP