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A promotional card for a blood drive during the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), portraying the nurse as comforting beauty, ca. 1938

National Library of Medicine

A White female nurse, gazing past the viewer, with a war scene in the background.
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    Ayuda a los hospitales de sangre suscribiendote, adquiriendo numeros para esta rifa popular. Sellos y Tarjetas Postales
    Comision Organizadora hospitales de sangre y guarderias de niños Del sindicato único regional de peritos, Técnicos Industriales C.N.T. - A.I.T. Valencia
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    Support blood hospitals by subscribing and getting numbers for this popular raffle. Seals and Post Cards
    Blood Hospitals and Children's Nurseries Organizing Commission for the Regional Union of Industrial Experts and Technicians C.N.T. [National Confederation of Labor] - A.I.T. [International Workers Association] Valencia
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