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An advertisement for air ambulance service that highlights specially designed planes and trained air medical nurses, 1980s

National Library of Medicine

Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
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    Post Card
    [Stamp] Bulk rate U. S. postage paid Elkhart, IN. permit no. 301 33317
    Medivac Inc. MTS Air Inc
    M. T. S. Air Ambulance – this twin engine air ambulance with its built in on-board medical equipment makes it one of a kind in the United States. A specially trained aero-medical nurse is on each flight under the supervision of our company physician. On-board medical equipment includes Mark 7 respirator, IV's, drugs, built in oxygen, built in suction with back up portable, intubation, life pack 5, radio telephone for in-flight ground communications.
    Patient transfer critical or emergency or convalescent to any location in the U. S. or Canada with full nursing care from bedside to bedside.
    Prop-(prop jet and pure jet Available)
    [Illegible] Color Company, Inc., Miami, FL. 33163
    Attention-nursing office
    [Typewritten] 1440 Veterans Administration Hospital 5th Ave. & Roosevelt Road Hines, ILL. 60141