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The nurse portrayed as comforting presence supports a wounded French colonial soldier, 1915

National Library of Medicine

A White female nurse standing beside and looking at a wounded African male soldier on crutches.
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    Croix Rouge et tête noire, deux coeurs d'or. Red Cross and Black Head, two hearts of gold. Двa зoлoтыxъ cepдцa.
    [Signature] M. Orange 1915
    Pinx. M. Orange. M. Opaнжъ.
    Visé Paris 2342. I. M. L.

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    [from French] Red Cross and black head, two hearts of gold. [from Russian] Two golden hearts.
    [Signature] M. Orange 1915
    Painted by M. Orange. M. Orange.
    Printed in Paris 2342. I. M. L.