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Prescription for Comfort, advertisement for nursing shoes, 1940s

National Library of Medicine

Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
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    [Stamp area] Place one cent stamp here 9A-H1855
    Special introductory offer to Cleveland The Favorite Shoe of Nurses Everywhere-at $1.00 Saving
    For a limited time this Post Card entitles you to $1.00 reduction from the regular $7.50 price
    All white elk, perforated nurse's tie that gives you new foot freedom and tirelessness, no matter how many hours you are on your feet. Smart and trim-looking, as well as so very comfortable. All sizes 3 1/2 to 10-AAAA to C.
    Regular price $7.50. $6.50 with this card Comfort Guaranteed
    Also available in black (of Interest to Visiting Nurses)
    Holbrook's Euclid Avenue 1120 Euclid Ave. C. A. C. Bldg. Cleveland, Ohio
    Genuine Curteich-Chicago "C. T. Art-Colortone" Post Card (Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.)