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An image of Soviet Druzhinnitsa (People's guard) volunteer nurse portrayed as a patriotic supporter of the nation, 1940s

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Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
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    Пoчтoвaя Кapтoчкa Posta Karto
    [Stamp area] Место для марки.
    Цена 30 коп.
    Е. Aсламазян Дружинница
    Редактор B.B. Лeбeдeв. М78150. "Искусство" No. 2040. Инд. P-402. Тиp. 20000 экз. Зак. 332 Тип. им. Ив. Федорова.

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    [from Russian and Esperanto] Post Card
    [Stamp area] Place for stamp
    To whom
    Price 30 kopecks
    Ye. Aslamazian Druzhinnitsa
    Editor V.V. Lebedev. M 78150. "Iskusstvo" No. 2040. Ind. P-402. 20000 printed copies. 332 Printing house named after Ivan Fyodorov.