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An advertisement for nursing uniforms, 1972

National Library of Medicine

Back of postcard has section for handwritten note.
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    [Stamp area] First class permit No. 14117 Philadelphia, PA.
    Dear Friend: Budget understands Graduation Day. On this happy occasion, the uniform should be extremely attractive, fit well and reflect complete professionalism. For 36 years, Budget has been privileged to serve hundreds of graduating classes. No other uniform organization has Budget's experience, reputation or fabulous collection of uniforms to choose from. We would appreciate the opportunity to explain the many advantages of our exclusive graduation program, from our fast, specialized service to our attractive price structure. Kindly write to me at Budget Uniform Center, 1613 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. 19103. Or, if you like, call me-collect-at 215-561-0700, extension 47. We anticipate the pleasure of serving you. Sincerely, [Handwriting] Patricia Erb Patricia Erb Graduation Program Director
    Business reply mail no postage necessary if mailed in the United States
    Postage will be paid by Budget Uniform Center, Inc. 1613 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA. 19103